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Marie Gagné Perez

If you are truly interested in who I am, and why I paint, then feel free to come over to my house.  I will brew you a cup of tea, and we can sit outside on the patio, and get to know each other better.

But if you're only looking for the highlights of my life, I can oblige.

I was born Marie Theresa Gagne, in the Bronx, New York (the year is irrelevant and none of your bees wax).

I contracted polio when I was only 14 months old, and while I was in the hospital, the "Great Bambino," Babe Ruth fed me ice cream (I have a photo to prove it).

​I sold my first painting in 1969 for $300, which I then used to put a down payment on my first car (a 1970 Toyota)

I stopped painting in 1983 to focus on my career, but went back to my art in 2005 when I retired.

I've spent the last 50 years with a talented actor, accomplished writer, and wonderful husband named Tony. 

I paint because I have to.


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